Recently we collaborated with Bell Pasture Seeds & CSBP Fertilisers to plant a summer grazing pasture for the Albany Sharks Football & Sporting Club community cows program. Planted on the 18th of September, the 7 ha paddock was sown with a mix of oats 10kg/ chicory 3kg/ Lucerene 10kg and launched out of the ground with assistance of 100kg AgFlow Manganese provided by fellow sharks member and CSBP regional manager Michael O’Dea.
This paddock will be grazed in March 2021 and we are hoping to see some spectacular results both in food on offer and also the weight gain for the cows come Autumn.
The story of the Albany sharks is a very unique one. Having won only two senior games in the 11 year history of the club, it goes without saying that they have faced some tough times. A short video covering the full story of the football club was created by
ABC Great Southern and can be watched here –
The cows initiative is part of a massive push to secure financial stability and build community spirit amongst one of the youngest country football clubs in Western Australia. To learn more about how to get on board and sponsor your very own cow, please contact Lockie Cameron
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