10 year Anniversary

This week we recognised two our our longest standing staff, Karan and Martin, at Direct Seeding with presentations & morning tea.

Karan started with us back in August 2010 (and just hit her 11 year milestone) and Martin began in November 2011 (10 years).

This morning we recognised both staff for their integral role in growing our business over the last 10 years. Both are such valuable members of our team in their roles and Direct Seeding is grateful for everything they’ve done in the last decade.

“Martin has been a crucial part for the business.” says Stewart, Managing Director, “Sorting out our parts and warehousing, Martin was a key figure in setting that up.”

Karan said “It is a good business to be part of.”

“I hope that some of the people here today will be here in 10 years time celebrating their 10 years”

As well as celebrating the huge milestones of Karan and Martin, it was also the first lunch break shared in the new and improved lunchroom. With Direct Seeding reaching its highest number of staff ever, it was made clear that the lunchroom needed to expand to keep up with the rapid growth of the business.

The staff enjoyed a platter of food to celebrate both milestones.