Direct Seeding is pleased to announce their new division of manufacturing, K-Hart Australia, a collaboration with K-hart industries. Designed in Canada, built in Australia, together we bring you the new Spyder Frame. 


The carefully engineered Spyder frame uses unique folding technology, allowing us to achieve one of the narrowest transport widths on the market for large toolbars. The linkage design allows for seeding on both ranks or the front can be lifted and locked if only the back rank is in use. The clam shell arms enable the openers on the front to move backwards when lowered, while the openers on the back move forward. 




  • The linkages open up, leaving enough room to adjust or service 
  • Spring loaded parallel linkage arms ensure good down pressure
  • 12T frame 
  • 4.5m travel width 
  • 5.3m travel height 
  • 12m cutting width 
  • Dolly steering system 
  • Dual casters at rear
  • Lots of high flotation wheels making it one of the highest flotation disc drills on the market
  • Currently available in 40ft.