The Darryl Drill is a small pasture drill that is affordable, robust and low on maintenance. 

It is a perfect for farmers with smaller programs that cant be justified using the larger equipment. The current design is 2.4m in length with 16 x double disc openers and 58kg down pressure ( at 150mm spacings) 

It is manufactured in Albany, Western Australia and majority of the parts have been sourced locally.  This makes sourcing spare parts easily accessible 


  • 2.4m cutting width
  • 16xdouble disc openers with 58kg down pressure
  • 14″ K-Hart heavy duty presswheels
  • 150mm spacing
  • Max seed depth 25mm
  • Direct drill requires favourable conditions
  • 50/50 split bin approx 250Ltr each
  • Ground drive
  • Zero max gear box
  • Rates from 8kg/ha-100g/ha
  • 3pt Linkage
  • Almost all materials sourced locally
  • Designed and manufactured in Albany, Western Australia 
  • 12 week lead time pending stock available