Optiseed Precision Modules

OptiSeed Precision Module

OptiSeed Precision  Module can be mounted to existing frames or installed as part of an OptiSeed Bridge Frame.
The Infinitely Variable Sowing Depth (‘IVSD’) feature, standard with the OptiSeed Precision Seeding Module, provides increased seed placement accuracy regardless of soil types, surface conditions and residue loads. No spanner or tools are needed to make adjustments. An optional electronic control can be operated from the tractor cab for on-the-go adjustment.
Made from Domex steel for increased durability and strength.


Hydraulic tyne with adjustable breakout

Hydraulic coulter with adjustable breakout

Can be mounted to existing frames

‘IVSD’ Infinitely Variable Seeding Depth

Made of Domex steel

Coulter depth adjustment from 50mm to 150mm

OptiSeed point digging depth to 250mm

Capability to lift and pin tynes for double row spacing

Coulters can be lifted from tractor cab when not required

Tynes and coulters are available as separate units

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