K-Hart Press Wheels

Press Wheels

K-HART Press Wheels

K-HART press wheels are ruggedly built and include urethane bushes to ensure long term performance in tough conditions. 

Available as single press wheels or double press wheels with a walking axle, each press wheel unit has an independent spring to provide consistent seed packing over an uneven seedbed.  Swivel brackets prevent dragging on turns. 

The press wheels feature a self- cleaning design.   The tyres are made of high grade rubber and are available in a variety of profiles. 


Single or double walking axle

Swivel brackets       

Urethane bushings       

Individual springs       

High grade rubber       

Choice of tyre profile       

K-HART Trailing Arm available to retrofit press wheels to most seeder bars

4x14" Rounded V

Good soil to seed contact
Firms trench walls
Good water harvesting

3x13" Sharp V

Standard on K-HART openers Closes trench and firms trench walls Good water harvesting

3x13" Flat

Less depth of trench
Smoother finish

3x16" Sharp V

Closes trench and firms trench walls
Good water harvesting
More flotation

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