OptiSeed Bridge Frames

OptiSeed Bridge Frame

OptiSeed Bridge Frame can be bought as a bare frame or equipped with OptiSeed Precision Seeding Modules.
The Bridge Frame is ideal for controlled traffic farming (CTF). The frame can
incorporate a hydraulic side shift option, ‘OptiShift’, that allows for inter-row seeding without moving the wheels off the existing track lines.
OptiSeed Bridge Frames have a working ground clearance of 700mm and a
comfortable service height of 1650mm.


Offered complete with OptiSeed modules or as a stand-alone frame

Parallelogram lift with all wheels located externally of framework

Working width up to 18m

Optional hydraulic side shift for inter-row seeding, maintaining CTF wheel tracks

Approx 750mm high in working position

Approx 1650 clearance height in maintenance position

Tyne placement is symmetrical about centre

Single hydraulic pressure and return lines to operate all functions

550/60 22.5 16 ply tyres

Optional 5000lt sump drain liquid tank in-frame

Can be custom built

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