Forging Relationships for a Stronger Future!

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Location: Blackwood River Valley District, Western Australia

The Introvigne Grazing Company operates on the family farm, on top of the Darling Range in the Blackwood River Valley District, Western Australia (with the original property having been in the family since 1936). From humble beginnings, the family has built a successful mixed farming enterprise comprising of broadacre cropping and beef cattle. Their business is built on hard work, patience, dedication, and unwavering passion for their clients and the Australian Beef Industry.

Having been entrenched in the Australian Agricultural industry for over 80 years, with a strong family focus and drive behind their generational business, buying and supporting local manufacturing was essential to their business. The undulating terrain within their farming operation is pastured with subclover and annual ryegrass. Their operational approach to growing the highest quality feed for livestock led them to Direct Seeding. Direct Seeding being an Australian business, born out of necessity from their farming background, was attractive to Rob and his family.

“We’ve integrated their machinery (NF6000) into our business. Direct Seeding’s hands-on approach and friendly staff have enabled us to develop a strong relationship”.

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