Introducing the latest and most innovative heavy-duty toolbar to hit the market, the
K-Hart Australia Spyder Drill.

Direct Seeding is proud to establish its manufacturing division, K-Hart Australia, a collaboration between Direct Seeding and K-Hart Industries. 

Designed in Canada and built in Australia, the no-till Spyder Drill has been designed
with Australian growers in mind and the varying challenges they face.

The revolutionary Spyder frame uses unique folding technology, achieving one of the narrowest transport widths on the market for large toolbars. The 40ft Spyder boasts a transport width of 4.5m and a travel height of 5.3m.

The innovative clamshell linkage arm technology allows for seeding on both ranks or the front can be lifted and locked if only the back rank is in use. The patented opener linkage provides industry-leading access to the openers for setting and maintenance while keeping the ranks close together during seeding, for accurate row spacings.

The Spyder double disc drill is outfitted with K-Hart’s exclusive Model 8620 Gent undercut disc openers, which benefits include: ultra-low soil disturbance, excellent seed-to-soil contact, reduced hair-pinning, and lower fuel consumption for no-till farming systems.


FEATURES (40ft):

  • 12t frame
  • 4.5m transport width and 5.3m transport height
  • 12m cutting width
  • Dolly steering system
  • Dual casters at rear
  • High flotation wheels (minimise soil compaction)
  • Spring-loaded parallel linkage arms (to ensure good down pressure)
  • Outstanding ground following capability
  • Narrower & safer transport widths
  • Outfitted with K-Hart’s exclusive Model 8620 Gent undercut disc openers
  • Clam Shell linkage arm technology
  • Cam stop depth adjustment (Seed depth in ¼” increments for a range of 3”)
  • Hydraulic lift out for the inter-row fertiliser coulters when not required

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