Pasture Drills

Looking for a high quality, robust zero-till pasture drill? Pasture Drills are designed to maximise productivity and sustainability in your grazing operation. Now is the time to embrace the future of pasture management, with Direct Seeding’s box drill. By minimising soil disturbance during seed placement, our no-till drills ensure improved moisture retention, increased organic matter and enhanced nutrient cycling, resulting in more productive pastures (Smith et al., 2017).

The Darryl Drill: Redefining precision seeding is The Darryl Drill. As the brainchild of the late Darryl Hine, this small no-till pasture drill uses the knowledge and products designed for broadacre farming on a condensed scale, for smaller farming enterprises. Designed and manufactured in Albany, Western Australia, the Darryl Drill is efficient, reliable, robust and low maintenance. Offering enhanced precision and efficiency, it empowers farmers to maximise productivity and successful sowing while reducing resource wastage. The Australian Made certification signifies that the Darryl Drill adheres to strict quality standards, with the sticker thereby reaffirming its authenticity.

These compact and versatile machines are intended to meet the unique needs of varying Australian conditions. Research has shown that smaller Seeders provide several key benefits for no-till farming practices. They enhance seed placement, accuracy and depth control, resulting in improved establishment rates.

Our expert team are here to support you to select the ideal no-till pasture seeder for your specific needs and to provide guidance on effective implementation for your program. 

Unlock the potential of your pastures and revolutionise your grazing operations by investing in our top-tier, Australian-Made certified no-till pasture drills.