Along Came a Spyder with Angas Agri Services, Meningie, SA!

Bar: 40ft Spyder Drill

Location: Meningie, South Australia

Henry Angas, Kym-Lea and sons operate a broadacre Farm and their Angas Agri Services contracting business in Meningie SA.
Farming just outside of South Australia’s holiday destination, Meningie SA, Henry Angas’s business is centered around delivering the best service to his clients.
“We’re operating a contracting business in which we’re focussed on delivering the best service possible. The 40Ft Spyder Seeder enables us to achieve this”. Angas Agri Services sow a variety of crops for clients including cereals and legumes. “Our clients are happy with our service; we’ve been able to deliver seeding services with a precision focus.”

“Our investment in the Direct Seeding / Khart Industries Australia – Spyder Bar has enabled us to engage with more clients and provide them with a service that’s well supported. The DS team are great to deal with, easy to chat with on the phone and service has been great!”. Henry explained the machinery delivery was great from Direct Seeding. ” Their team came out to the farm, had an in-paddock demonstration, and provided an overview of the machinery and setup”.

“Built in Australia and designed by Farmers. This gave us confidence that the bar has been designed with the grower in mind”.