Custom NarrowFold Bars

Tractor BG

The Direct Seeding Custom NarrowFold is a robust, reliable, and efficient disc seeder, making it a powerful ally for any mixed-farming enterprise.

Carefully engineered with a towing height of 3.4m and transport width of 3.5m, the Direct Seeding NarrowFold bar conveniently allows pilot-free transport. Navigating narrow gateways and tight spaces between paddocks is made efficient because of its quick folding time and slimline transport design.

The Direct Seeding NarrowFold frame is now proudly Australian-Made certified. This range is currently available in widths of 6.0m (20”) to 8.5m (28”), with a variety of disc and coulter options available for bar customisation. 

Units are spread over two ranks, enabling the machine to achieve narrow row spacings while providing sufficient space to carry out maintenance with ease.

The sturdy 9mm RHS steel frame can be weighted internally to ensure robust penetration into tight soil types (if dry sowing).

The major advantage of this custom bar is that it can be tailored to varying soil types and conditions across the agricultural regions.

The Direct Seeding custom NarrowFold range creates the perfect balance between value, productivity, and capacity, making it the ultimate tool for all your precision planting needs.


  • Towing height of 3.4m and a transport width of 3.5m
  • Pilot-free vehicle transport
  • Range in widths of 6.0m (20″) to 8.5m (28″)
  • 2x 500mm flotation tyres (for support and stability)
    Quick folding time (under 2 minutes)
  • Adjustable height draw-bar hitch
  • 9mm RHS steel frame (can be weighted internally)
  • A range of Disc and Coulter options available
  • Spacings can go as low as 10” across one
    rank (which means as low as 5” spacings for
    a two-rank machine)
  • Fitted with a PJ Green 3200LT split bin
    (mounted on the frame)
  • Minimum 140Hp Tractor (FWA)

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