Double Disc Openers

Gent Angled Double Disc Openers

The patented Gent Opener, manufactured by K-HART, excels at residue cutting and minimizes soil disturbance.

A 14” disc is mounted on the upper side of a 17” disc which is fastened at a 25 degree angle from vertical.  Coming together on the leading edge, the discs slice a small angled opening in the soil for seed placement.  Deflection of the soil is minimal, allowing the soil to remain in position to cover the seed.

The Gent Opener, built with typical K-HART durability, provides good ground penetration in hard conditions and reduces hair-pinning.


Paired dics mounted at an angle

Minimal sideways deflection of the soil

Retention of soil cover

Reduced sideways soil compression

Contour following and accuracy of a parallelogram

Good residue cutting ability with reduced hair pinning

Good ground penetration in hard conditions

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