Yallock: A Beacon of Sustainable Farming in Holbrook, NSW, embracing Innovation and Conservation.

Bar: NF6000

Location: Holbrook, NSW

The Yallock property, managed by Tony Geddes and his wife Vicky, isn’t just a farm; it’s a testament to the symbiotic relationship between innovative practices and environmental conservation. Spanning over 1500 ha, Yallock integrates sheep, beef, dryland cereals, oilseeds and pasture crops into a cohesive and sustainable farming enterprise.

The Geddes have a long and rich history, with Tony’s grandparents being pioneers in sustainable farming practices and ecological partnerships.

At the core of Yallock’s success lies the couple’s commitment to the adoption of cutting-edge agricultural practices. One key practice they champion is no-till farming—a method that has gained prominence for its positive impact on soil health and sustainability. No-till farming minimises soil disturbance, reduces erosion, and promotes water retention. Tony and Vicky recognise the importance of preserving the land’s natural integrity, and no-till farming has become a cornerstone in their efforts to maintain a healthy and productive farm.

The Geddes family’s relationship with Direct Seeding & Harvesting Equipment is another pivotal aspect of Yallock’s success story. The farm proudly features the NF6000 NarrowFold disc seeder from Direct Seeding, a testament to the couple’s commitment to staying at the forefront of agricultural technology. This state-of-the-art machinery aligns seamlessly with Yallock’s no-till approach, facilitating precision planting and minimising soil disturbance. Direct Seeding’s equipment not only enhances operational efficiency but also complements Yallock’s dedication to sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practices.

Yallock serves as a living example of the fruitful collaboration between no-till farming and innovative machinery. The Geddes family’s embrace of Direct Seeding’s no-till drills underscores the importance of forging partnerships with organisations that share a commitment to sustainable agriculture. The machinery not only streamlines farming operations but also contributes to the farm’s broader goal of balancing productivity with environmental conservation.

Yallock stands as a beacon of sustainable farming practices in Holbrook, NSW. Through the integration of no-till farming and a close partnership with Direct Seeding, Tony and Vicky Geddes exemplify a holistic approach to agriculture—one that prioritises the health of the land while embracing modern machinery. Yallock’s story is a testament to the possibility of achieving a harmonious coexistence between agriculture and conservation, setting a precedent for farms aspiring to thrive in an era where innovation and environmental stewardship are inseparable.

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Tony and Vicky Geddes, Yallock