For three generations, the Gentle Farming Enterprise has been leading the way in regenerative agriculture, with a strong dedication to sustainability and innovation. Located in South Lincolnshire, the farm has a rich history that spans back four generations, making them a pillar of the local farming community.

What sets Gentle Farming apart is their commitment to regenerative farming practices. They were one of the first farms in the UK to fully transition to a regenerative farming system, focusing on building healthy soils, increasing biodiversity, and reducing environmental impact. This approach not only benefits the land but also produces high-quality, nutrient-rich food.

Spanning across 800 hectares, with 750 dedicated to food production, Gentle Farming grows a diverse range of cereal, perennial, and break crops. This diversity not only ensures a more resilient farm but also contributes to a healthier ecosystem. By carefully rotating crops and incorporating cover crops, they are able to improve soil health and reduce the need for chemical inputs.

No-Till Innovation

One of the key innovations from the Gentle Farming family tree is the Patented Gent Angled Disc Opener, developed by Tony Gent, a true pioneer in the field. This cutting-edge technology allows for precise seed placement and optimal soil aeration, resulting in improved crop yields and reduced environmental impact.

Tony Gent in explaining his design process: “I then gradually increased the angle from vertical to approximately 20° to 25°. This achieved the undercut angle I was looking for with the smaller disc on the upper side creating a wave of soil flowing over it with the rotation forming an opening with very little soil disturbance, damage, or side compression due to the soil being gently eased upwards. The larger disc formed the initial soil cut, helping with a precise and slender opening for the seed.”

Tony notes that the main benefits “are that an opening is created to place the seed in the soil without having to move the soil sideways, so there is no requirement to return the soil back to cover the seed”
Gent Inventor meets Australian No-Till Advocates
Tony Gent recalls his visit to Australia below:
“Later that year I visited Australia and picked up a contact I had made with the famed Bill Crabtree “No-Till Bill” in Western Australia. He introduced me to Darryl Hine of Direct Seeding and Harvesting based in Albany WA. Darryl was one the leading exponents of introducing No-till machinery to Australia and was the importer and agent for the Canadian K-Hart range of disc drills. With the introduction from Darryl, I then visited K-Hart at their premises in Saskatchewan, where I stayed for a few days with farmer and engineer Kim Hartman getting to know them and their product which was similar to Weaving’s and consisted of a conventional double disc system. We did some trials with some Weaving GD units that had been sent to them, which they were impressed with and quickly saw the potential. The “K-Hart Gent Opener”  was born in 2017, with modifications to the design to suit conditions both in North America and Australia, with interest and sales rapidly increasing.”

Overall, Gentle Farming Enterprise is a shining example of how their dedication to regenerative agriculture, innovation and commitment to sustainability make them a leader in the industry, setting a high standard for future generations of farmers to follow.

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